I got that nesting feeling...
 I found out really  quickly that I needed to relearn how to card with paddles. The carpal tunnel in my left arm started acting up and I started to question weather I was doing it correctly.
A couple youtube videos later, gotta love that resource, I corrected the position of the paddles in relation to my body and carding became less painful and more productive. SO now I have a basket of aplaca "nests". I tried rolling a couple width wise since there was one video author that mentioned they preferred it that way. I'm actually starting to question weather or not I really am right handed because I do A LOT with my left.
I like to try different things to make my own determination. I have yet to start spinning this particular work. I am trying to get a couple spools free that I am spinning Jacob/Alpaca lace on.

Evil Second Cuts
I am also finding a lot of second cuts in this commission fleece. Not sure what to make of that, or if it's normal.

I got another batch of silkworms going on silkworm "chow" (powered mulberry leaf). They are slower to grow on this than fresh leaves, but that's okay. Some of these are going to a friend to feed her lizard, who LOVES them, some of them will go to feed Mr. TreeFrog who is currently in hibernation mode. I have not seen him in since it got cold. Hopefully he has not passed away. I know they go into suspended animation in the winter. I'll find out once these guys get a little bigger and I spritz his cage.

 To end this post I give you a video of some very disturbing V-Day merch found at one of our local discount stores. Dis-turb-ing.

Until next time...
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