A-tisket, a-tasket, a fiber filled basket

I love shopping at the second hand stores. I almost ALWAYS find something I can use. Like this basket that is just beautiful! It is being used to hold all my alpaca rolags which I have finally started to spin. All carding and no spinning makes for a dull time.

I also found this lovely enamel teapot for $3 this week. It holds about three cups worth of tea. It fits perfectly atop my double boiler maker so I can keep it warm with a tealight under it. How charming!!

And it's that time of year when I start to crave fresh food so I have been getting the sprouts going. Here we have sunflower sprouts in a rotisserie chicken terrarium (cleaned and sanitized, of course). I harvest them yesterday and had them atop a home made chicken salad. Om nom nom nom! Spring is coming, as soon as this last sub-zero snap passes.

Until next time...
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