Worm Bin Update

Place a pound of food scraps in spot #5 yesterday. I have opted to wipping the sides of the bin in an effort to decrease the amount of mold mites that are in it. It's disturbing to see when I worm lingers on the side of the bin, it is swarmed by these little buggers. I found thousands on the potatoes add yesterday so I dunked those in hot water to kill them. I sprinkled 16 crushed egg shells on top to try and deter them also. The egg is also good for the worms by providing calcium and grit.

The bottom of the bin is mostly converted bedding and garbage. I'm amazed at how fast the process moves along!

In other news....got a security job...no not job security...as in security personal. Yah...I kinda am wondering what I got myself into. I have to pay for the liscense myself and that is deducted out of my first three paychecks. Sheez. Stingy? The only thing the company provides is the uniform...yah already got tons of jokes about that one. I don't look all that good in mens pants and shirts...yuck. But hey, it pays more than taking tickets (which is a waste of my time IMHO). I'll give it a go and see how I like it. They wanted me to work Friday to train on the smoking patio, and saterday to train for the dock. I have to use my own vehicle...even though I signed a paper saying I agree and have read the terms and conditions for using a company vehicle...should have known. I have to sit in it, and check a list for names as people come in. If they are not on the list I have to radio someone for approval. YAY! I get to use a radio! Kick ass!!

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