Polyphemus Eggs are Hatching!

YAY my polyphemus eggs are hatching! I got another batch in the mail today from another kind person on the catherders list. YAY! Now I have to set up a rearing container that can stay outdoors...and not bake them. I got a tip from one poly rearer that they do best when whole limbs filled with leaves are placed into the rearing container. They prefer to find the food, unlike the chinese silkmoths who are more lazy and just wave about till food lands on top of them.

I walked down to Starbucks for my coffee this afternoon. They were out of my favorite treat, glazed cake donut, so I went over to Copps and bought supplies to make a sandwhich wrap. I found a table to sit at across the street at Felly's and I sat there made a wrap sandwhich and had lunch with my remaining coffee. YUM! I knitted all the way down there and all the way back. Really makes the walk go quick because I am mostly paying attention to knitting. I cannot knit without looking yet...that'll come with years more experience (if I make it that far in this craft...HA!).

I got the needles I needed to make a cabled hat and when I get some more yarn spun, I'll start on that too. So many projects! But the cabled scarf is going quick. You can see pictures of that...you guessed it...on my flickr feed. HA!

My second batch of chinese silkworms are spinning and many of them are spinning golden cocoons! It's so interesting, but the color will come out%

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