Cast-On: A Podcast for Knitters

Cast-On: A Podcast for Knitters

I don't get it. I don't get the hype behind these pod costs. I was listening to this one, and I was BORED OUT OF MY MIND so much that I had to end the suffering. OYE. Every podcast I have stumbled upon has been a bucket of bore. *sigh* I'd rather listen to a book on CD, but I returned the wrong book on CD last weekend while one of it's CDs were still in the puter, waiting to be heard; and now I cannot check anything out until that CD is reunited with it's set...which was sent to the Marshall WI Library. I'm in Monona. Cripes. So I am sitting here, trying to keep my mind occupied while I am knit and/or spin. I cannot stand to knit/spin in silence as I tend to drift and not pay attention to whatever pattern I am knitting, or not pay attention to moving the spun yarn down a hook at regular intervals (creates a mess on the bobbin otherwise). The noon day TV shows are pathetic, nothing but soaps and drama-drama-drama shows...BLAH, and these podcasts are pure torture.
A girl has to vent once in a while.

End Vent-Cast. *blink....blink....blink....*

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