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Crow Goddess Starting

OkayI think I have the basic techniques down for needle felting. I am now working on making a crow goddess figure. I was too eager to start so I put some undyed wool on my poly fill base and I am now dyeing it black along with a chunk of wool. I am envisioning a goddess like body, a birds head or maybe a human shapped head with a beak, arms attached to wings set on a base of "fog" made with Lincoln longwool. I need to clean more of my lincoln as all the clean stuff has been dyed turquoise. I will have to mix some black in with white and some of the turquoise to get the fog coloring. This is gonna be an adventure...I can just feel it!

For the beak I will wet felt some locks and dye it in some orange koolaid.

For the body I will needle on some soft alpaca or icelandic so it will feel soft to the touch. Maybe even add a green cloak to it to add even more mysterious air.

This is so exciting! The planning stages of something new. AHhhhhhhhh. This will be an ongoing project with everything else I do...spinning, knitting, working,...

In other news....

I have begun my mittens using the formula found here: http://www.knitty.com/issuefall05/FEATmittens101.html

And here is a picture of the icelandic fleece that came in the mail yesterday. Icelandic Fleece

Look at that crimp! There is a lot of sand in this fleece...A LOT. But it comes out and the fleece is a glorious fuffly cloud white when cleaned!

Until next time...

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