Finished Mitten and Halloween Boyfriend

YAH! Right mitten finished, needs a liner still, but WOW I conquered a mitten! Just like knittin socks only quicker!

And then there is the BF all decked out for the Halloween bash at the Club Inferno. Lucky ducky. I cannot go because my asahma always leaves me sick for a week afterwards because of the smoky atmosphere and POOR to NO ventilation. I helped a little with his face paint. He is supposed to be a deman. He needs contacts. Those damned classes get in the way all the time.
He's such a hottie when he dresses in his leather and what-not's. He's a hottie out of the leather too...*clears throat*...reminding self....PG rating...PG!! Posted by Picasa

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  1. Cute mitten(s) I love the color.


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