Eye Candy Friday...a little late...

I tried to post this yesterday through Picasa but the damned thing was running sooooooooooooo slow! So I forgot about it till today.
I call this Little BIG Forest. Because the perspective makes you feel like you are a very small thing in this forest. I found this on flickr at this user's feed .

I decided to unsub from the rating groups I had been apart of. People were beotching about the size of the pictures instead of the actual image. I upload them in a smaller format so that they cannot be reproduced well without my permission. A reason for everything!

I think having your pictures rated by others is...well, over-rated. Everyone has thier own style and I don't like people critiquing or cramping my style by beotching. That's not constructive!!

I've gotten some wonderful comments on my eye for nature. You can see those slide shows by following this link . Be aware that links open in a new window on my site so that you can disable your pop-up blocker features (my site is ad free BTW...better be with what I pay for it).

Until next time....

I cannot email photo's. BUMMER! It was all working so well, humph!

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