Netflix Previews...Google Picture game

Whew! I played the new google picture naming game for two hours...it's really addicting. Apparently it is google making an attempt to make taggin pictures with keywords more accurant. From some of the answers from the people I played the game with....it's not gonna help. People be taggin colors, not places or things that are actually in the picture! Forget it is green! What about the trees, the flowers, the plants, the nature...what does it remind you of, vacation, islands...geez-la-weez! Good luck Google.
And netflix has this neat little thing called Netflix Previews now. You can watch previews of movies and then add them to your queue as you watch or skip to the next or last one. I found three new movies to watch! Of course then there are those hopeless romance movies that I used to watch and love. Now they just make me depressed and leave me wishing for what I don't have in my current relationship. Then I fall into bought of depression, sitting there in front of the TV wondering where is my peice of the pie as I cry hopeless tears. *sigh*
 I am a hopeless romantic...paired with a romantic hopeless. The man thinks casual eating out together is romantic...I so beg to differ! He doens't send me ecards anymore (he used to), we seem to rarely make love anymore (much less than we used to), and now he seems to not want to snuggle in them mornings anymore (he used to do so a lot).
I wish, if he is bored with me after 6 years together, or if I've grown too fat for his preferences, that he would just hurry up and leave. Break my heart sooner rather than later because the emotional torture of it all is killing me, slowly. The narrator in Memoirs of a Guisha says near the end "The heart dies a slow death. Each hope fades like falling leaves, until one day, there are none. No hopes, no dreams. Nothing." I am beginning to feel that exact way. A slow and emotionally painful death of my heart is the road laid out ahead of me. I do not see a life partnered with a loving husband, rather a life with an unworthy partner.
Well anyways, it's late and I tend to ramble about my miserable romanticless life...HA! I told my knitting friend that he had mentioned he knew what I wanted for christmas this year. I wonder what it is. She said maybe he is gonna propose. I laughed, sarcastically. I've waited so long for that, that I have given up on hoping it will eventually happen. I di some divination a couple years back around Hallows, and I asked my Ancestors if I were ever going to be married. I heard someone say Yes to me, but what I forgot to do was be spacific. Married yes, but to whom?
Besides, I asked the surprise was an iPod and he said that was too expensive. You may think that maybe he is trying to stear me off the track. I doubt it. He is very candid about how much money he does not have. Well, if that is too expensive to buy then proposing is definately out of the question. I don't hope for that anymore. I just hope and wished to be loved unconditionally....
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