Oh what now!?

My weekend gets better by the minute.
I have an interest in learning how to grow mushrooms in the winter months to satisfy my the garden guru in me. I found a book at the library and when after I put it on hold, I went to check my account. Turns out there is a total of over $16 in charges! SAy what?! When I checked into those, there is a damage/missing parts charge of $15!!! WTF! Then, three items are listed as not returned and overdue, but I returned them with an armload of other books all at the same time, and yet those are checked in and fines assigned to those that were overdue! I am so mad at the library. This is not the first time this has happened. I wish they would have more informaiton on the damaged/missing parts CD. I bet the case for the software I returned opened and the CD came out INSIDE the return box. Little burgers are trying to cheat me out of money, and it ain't gonna work! I am so fumming!
Until next time...

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