Fleece cleaning, Frog p0rn??

HA-ha! Gotcha! Nibber was sitting on the whale ornament kind funky like...and BF being the dirty-minded man he is (I say this affectionately), noticed it and said I should take some photos. It is really funny! The first photo I put my finger over the flash in order to try and lesson the glare from the glass...and I got a "Red Light" district look. LOL-LOL!

After hitting Target and getting some more Dawn dish soap, we came home and I got to work on the other fleece that I got yesterday. This one is much cleaner, with less poo in the fleece. YAY! This is my skirting "table". It's actually the cage that surrounds my garden to protect against wondering hungry mouths (living by the woods...there are plenty of raccons, possums, mice, squirrels, one ground hog, and rabbits). It doubles nicely as a skirting table! Second cuts and VM falls through into the garden. Perfect!

Here is some of the fleece that I have discarded for mulch next spring. Someone said that raw fleece repells slugs. Perfect! I always have an abundance of slugs as I much with leaf litter throughout the growing seasons.

And here is a peak at how I clean larger amounts of fleece. M-Mmmm, look at that water! First wash is always muddy looking. I wash twice, letting the fleece sit for 15 minutes each time, pull the bags out to drain and replace them so that they can "rinse" again as the water drains. Then I repeat those same times and actions for two rinsings. The fleece is not squeaky clean and some grease remains, which is good for the fleece...and hands.

The day in the life without TV...one can get a lot done!

I took the BF to the coffee shop further down our street, Java Cat. They are a fair trade organic coffee house. They have some goooooooooooood coffee!! OMG....better even....then Starbucks I dare say!

Until next time...

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