Holiday Ho-hums

I'll be staying home and away from the last minute shopping crowds who drive oh so badly this weekend. I work in transportation, so it's something I notice. EVERYONE out there was rushing around or leaving town! Ugh, the congestion! People cutting me off, lane hopping (and they really don't get much further but put people in danger all the same), honking, getting pissy...all the while I am trying to keep my cool and represent the company I am driving for with dignity and drive in a safe unhurried manner. Whew, yeah...merry season my butt!! Not on the highways!
I'm a Scrooge. This "season" is all about making the big sale or profit, spending money to make others happy. Sure big gifts are cool, but why does money = love? Why do material goods = love? Why is it that only ONE day out of 365 are we encouraged to love one another unconditionally and create peace? That ought to be a 365 day goal!! Is it so hard to do that we can only manage it, fake it, for one lousy day? Humph. I'm not a Scrooge, I just think these ideals should last the whole year through, not just for one lousy 24 hour period.
One of those many conundrums of the world we live in. I love google spell check!!

Until next time...

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