I want a drumcarder!!!



I am thinking either the STRAUCH PETITE would be a good one to get, but the 405 model is more durable, comes with more goodies (doofer, teaser, knuckle saver batt picker, and a cleaner brush), and has a chain drive but costs twice as much. Fortunately, most every vendor that sells them accepts layaway payments. I purchased my wheel from theWoolery.com, and they were very helpful in helping me decide on a wheel. They want 30% down, which I can do but not till next payday, and they can stretch the layaway out to as much as 5 months with payments due by the 1st of each month after the down payment. I am concerned that the petite will not handle the workload I have waiting here for one, so I am leaning towards the more expensive model for durability and longevity. I don't see myself veering away from spinning anytime soon. It may be the one craft I will stick with for years to come (unlike scrapbooking, rubberstamping, lamp work bead making, weaving. Scrapbooking and rubber stamping I did for about three years each till I was bored with it and supplies were costing waaaaaaaaaay too much). Two hundred every payday will have it payed off in just over three months. Are there any recommendations, or praises, for this brand or the models?

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  1. I have a petite and I love it. The only thing I want is a conversion kit to make it a powered carder. The old rotator cup gets quite the work out, and it would be lovely to have both hands available for feeding. Have you thought about the 405X2 and the 505? They're both double wides, I know the 405x2 still has the handy dandy brush attachment, not sure about the 505, but the 505 is cheaper than the 405x2. Both of them have the optional pulley that allows converting to a power carder.
    I like the brush attachment, it gives the batts a smoother finish and a denser batt, imo, and I like the 128 tpi cloth. Again, the only thing I want (in case you didn't figure it out when I mentioned it oh every other WORD) is the power stuff. Vroom Vroom!

  2. LOL! No I hadn't considered the 505 because it is almost $900. OUCH! $600 is still ouch, but less of an ouch than almost a grand!

    And...what frakin thingy? I'm confuzzled? Did it take forever for your comment to post?

  3. Yup, I had to post it like six times, and each time either the login didn't go, the word verification didn't go, or I forgot to re-enter the password lol
    The Woolery has the 405x2 for 899, and the 505 for 714, but the brush is an additional 110 for the 505. I think probably that the regular 405 is going to be just fine for you. My petite is great for my needs but I really want the motorized option though so tend to have a blind spot lol

  4. Thanks enjay! Say, you have a blog here? I click your username and it says profile is not publized.

  5. I did have a blog, but I was horrible about updating it. Now I log in using my gmail id, and I don't have anything other than email set up with them.
    You're welcome, I'm always happy to spout my opinion hehe.

  6. I have the petite and I really like it. I don't mind having smaller batts because I work in pretty small batches anyway, and the stretchy band so far hasn't been bad. I haven't had any slipping or difficulty at all.


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