I want to dye, but I am afraid...

That I'll fuck it up again! ARGH! It takes so long to make up this yarn I want to dye (wool and silk), and I want to dye this hank turquoise with intermitten/random black....so it looks like what a turquoise nugget would look like. Plus, turquoise and black go together so well.

So I was thinking. Dye the whole hank turquoise....then overdye with black using a squirt bottle, or just dripping it from a brush, to help with the randomness of it. Then I would have to steam it to set the black. Does this sound like another flop?

Until next time...

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  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I have read in a dyeing book "Yarns to dye for" where a yarn was made in the watermelon colors and she used a black magic marker to make the seeds. Interesting?
    Hope it works out for you!


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