Running around...whew!

Oh man, am I tired now. I was walking home from the grocery when the BF zips by me on his way to the bank. Since I was only a block away, I met him there. He went back to work, and I got to take the truck so I could do my runnings. I went and bought some goodies for my SMAT pal to enclude with her undyed yarn that I spun up. Got some fushia dye to mix with the purple I have.

Went to half price books on the west side to see if there were any deals there....that was a waste of time and gas. They have the exact same stuff as the east side does!!

Went to menards to get some more energy saver bulbs, those new rayovac 2500 rechargable batteries, a little something to decorate the door with and, I bought three packages of gold tensil to use in my spun yarn. YES, I am so frugal. They sell it at a local fibe shop, but it is nearly $5 and ounce...I don't think it is worth it. Just go buy some tinsel around the holidays! I took the three packages that were left and they were....brace yourself....a whole $.24 each!! WOW, big spender!

I was also looking from some small diameter rubber or plastic to try and make circulars from. All they had was some rubber stripping for repairing screens. That might work, but I am sure I can find what I need somewhere. All I would have to do is melt the ends and stick them to some shorter needles with a tapered end. That is how the bamboo circulars are made.

I also added a new gadget to the side menu by twitter. com. Neato!

Whew, I am very tired now after all that. It is soooooooooo warm outside! It's unnatural for this time of year! SO now I am going to sit, relax, knit, and watch those netflix DVD's I got yesterday.

Until next time...


  1. enjay4:23 PM

    hehe I miss the Madcity area.
    Rosemary Thomas has instructions on how to make circs here (http://www.knittersreview.com/article_how_to.asp?article=/review/profile/061109_a.asp) using weed whacker line.
    I haven't read the entire article yet, but Rosemary's usually pretty thorough.
    On the tinsel. I tried it to, and found that once it was spun up, ecause it wasn't shredded super fine like he glitz is, that it tendedto feel kind of coarse to me, and the ends were much more noticable when they poked out. But, that was my experience, and perhaps it will go differently for you :)

  2. Thanks! I would think that the wacker line (don't laugh now), would be too stiff for knitting applications.
    I'll have to email the person who wrote those instructions.


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