Lime and Violet exposes yarn manufacturers price stacking

Click the title above and it will take you to the Lime & Violet web blog for their podcast. Scroll down to episode 12 or download it via iTunes. It is very interesting and they have audio from one independent yarn store owner who refused to keystone (which is basically a system where a vendor agrees to mark up merchandise upwards of 100% of the suggested retail price). If a vendor refuses keystone, they are given a hassle and accounts are suspended. Keystoneing is ILLIGAL in the USA. We as customers of the yarn industry MUST TAKE A STAND. The more people report instances of keystoning, the higher chance that a civil suit can take off and stop this illegal and hurtful price gouging.

Some popular brands that are 100% keystone:




Fiesta Yarns

Mountain Colors

Plymouth Yarn (85%)


Source: http://consumerfriendlyyarns.blogspot.com/2006/10/list.html

What can you do to help fight the keystoning threat? Don't buy them. Find yarn stores that are against keystoning and do not practice it.

Don't like my stand on this issue? Tuff shit. I am one more informed customer who will never buy these brands or others that practice keystone pricing.

Together, we can stop this. We ARE the people that can do something.

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