Just keep Froggin-Froggin-Froggin

Ugh, all this froggin...leaves me all frogged out!

Extreme close-up...LOOK OUT! Peeling away at the seams.

Here is the last peice of that sweater, waiting patiently to be frogged and transformed into something else. So far, I have gotten four balls of yarn, each wieghing close to or over 6 ounces. The last peice will yield two more of these balls of yarn.

And lastly, my rescued pet Luna decided to do some spinning of her own that night! Checkin it out, it seems to be in working order...unlike the reciever in the corner. She didn't like that too much so she trashed it. LMAO! Actually the BF did that. It's an old reciever that his Dad gave him to take apart....for the fun of it. *shrugs* Whatever floats zee boats!

Until next time...

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