Sping Mystery Swap

I am trying to organize a new kind of swap. Read more below and if interested, leave a comment and a way that I can contact you.


Maybe sometime after the holidays, when we have all slowed down again and started to relax (ha!), we would consider doing a different kind of swap...if there is enough interest.

I'm not sure what we would call it (ya'll can help me with that, right?), but we would exchange one or more skiens of yarn, and the person who recieves it will knit something from it and send it back to where it came from.
Has anyone done this kind of swap before? The local knitting guild is doing something similar but they called it a paper bag swap because they were all put into paper bags so as to be unseen (so you wouldn't pick the fancy yarn over the acrylic for example). This would be an all fiber swap, acrylic included (I see nothing wrong with acrylic. It's cheap!). Maybe we would theme it for Spring? Spring Mystery swap maybe? Or is that too soon of a deadline?

What are your thoughts about this? I guess I get to play hostess so I will work out the details if there is enough interest (no sense in working out details when there is only a couple people wanting to do it).


Until next time...

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  1. I am interstesd in the swap.



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