Turquoise with Black, Dyeing times

EEEEEEEeee dyeing craze! Lots of pictures. First is the wool and silk hank died turquoise, next is what it looked like when I first added random black "specks". I rinsed the hank in plain hot water before adding the black. It was light going on, but it sat inside some plastic wrap (to keep the moisture in) for four hours. In the third pic you can see the black is taking a better hold, although only on the wool after that time. But that creates a really COOL look as the turquoise silk really stands out!

Then there is the matter of the broken clamp. The strong and buff BF BROKE it while trying to tighted it as much as manly possible (clamping the topper on the truck down because two clamps rattled thier way off). Such a strong BF he is!

And then, Zar. Ain't he cute! Bathtime! He has grown sooooo much since summer. Soon, I will have to put him in the bathtube for bathtime! He is a strange creature. When I put him in the water, he sticks his head waaaaaaaaay up to keep it out of the water. Then, he looks down as if to say...Oh! What's this...Hummmm...must investigate. Then blooop! Under water tortoise! He will purposly put his head underwater, look around, walk around (still under water) and then come up for air and do it again. But he soon tires of the whole thing and proceeds to try and walk through the walls of the milk jug. LOL He's a cutie.

Until next time...

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