Turquoise with Black, Dyeing times Part 2

Well, it came out WONDERFUL! I love how the black is interspersed and randomized all over the yarn! Some pics of the finished yarn, and one of right before the pot started to boil to steam set the black. I love the different shades from black to gray where the black half absorbed around where it initially hit.

And some more pictures of the dyeing flop yarn. Once it dried, I actually love the way it colored! from blue-violet, to red voilet and back! I figured that the silk did not tak eup as much dye because there was not enough vinigar in the water. Apparently, it needs a little more than wool. So now I have two very indvidual hanks of very soft handspun "exotic" yarn! I think I will make a pouch out of one, or both of these either in strips or using a motif.

Until next time...

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