Blockbuster Exchange in store ads...there's a catch

As always...strings are attached when it comes to blockbuster. I thought it sounded interesting, we already have netflix, so I checked it out because we live right down the street from a blockbuster.

Here are the strings attached terms and conditions for in-store exchange:

"* Separate in-store membership required for in-store rentals. In-store movie rentals are subject to store rental terms and conditions, including due dates and charges which may apply to rentals not returned by the due date. See store for complete in-store rental terms and conditions. Free in-store rentals must be returned to the store where they were originally rented. See your receipt for store location and due dates."

So, in other words, in order to exchange in-store you HAVE TO PAY MORE for the convenience of living nearby one and doing this in order to take another movie out. What A RIP-OFF! Don't fall for it. I pay $18 a month for over a dozen rentals from netflix, they come really fast when there are no holidays interrupting the mail.
I've emailed them and asked for them to elaborate on this and explain to me how is this so much better than netflix (their number one competitor in this field).

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