I fear for the future...

I was listening to the Coffee Psychic on the Connie and Fish morning show this morning (z104.1 FM Madison WI) and she said that she predicts the next year to be full of natural disasters. And said something about a tsunami hitting one of the US coasts! EEP! I thought last year was bad...getting hit by lightening, tornados all around where I live (just not in this town), trees being blown over because of 80 MPH winds, trees being struck by the super-duper storms that ran right over the city....shit loads of rain...and now...no snow-no cold. This is definately not normal, and a by product of global warming. I was on edge all last summer as each storm passed through, and the sirens blarred at almost each one. Will I ever stand in the patio, watching the lightening again? Uh....NO! I'm beginning to fear thunderstorms...I've always been facinated by them, but now...they scare me.


So yahoo groups is giving me one hell of a pain in the ass today. One of the members to the swap got booted off the group somehow, so I reinvited her in. And then, we had one person who left last week, her information stayed in the database. I was under the impression that when someone leaves a group, their contrubutions went with them. Well...either it was glitch, or I am mistaken.

So two fires out...I am sure there will be more to contend with.

Made myself some fried rice for the first time. It came out soooooooooo good! Tonight, brauts!

Zarnan keeps base jumping...OMG it is the funniest thing to ever see! He must be bored out of his mind. I think I will take him out of his cage for 20 minutes or so, so he can use that extra energy. I tape a long peice of cotton string to the back of his shell so I can keep track of where he goes, otherwise I would loose track because he is still a small critter....slow moving or not! He can really boggy when he wants too!

My silk and alpaca yarn I dyed yesterday turned into a light boucle (sp?) yarn as the alapaca ply did some wierd loopy thing. So there are small loops of alpaca all throughout the yarn. That should prove interesting!

I'vew been watching CSI Miami episodes all morning off of CBS.com. It so ROCKS that they put the latest episodes on there to watch FOR FREE!!! Next I am gonna get caught up on the Hero episodes. I've missed the last three because our cable was out, and then I forgot this week. *smacks forhead*

I had the strangest dream last week about SCI Miami. I dreamed that Horatio was....*giggle* a vampire *BWaaaaaaaaaaaa-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaa*, and so was Delko and one other character that was from CSI New York. Only they were vamps, and no one else knew. And in order to save a woman victom from fatel shooting wounds, he fed her some of his blood. Delko protested, and Horatio said that if he didn't, she would die. He had Delko hold a door closed so that the parametics could not get through until he was done feeding his blood to the victom...so as not to expose himself for what he really was. Oh let me tell you...it was a FANTASTIC dream that I did not want to wake from!! I'm wierd and I know it so I clap my hands!

Until next time...

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