Sore nose, stupid-poopy-baby-whiner-butts, Valentines

I dreamed last night that I was being chased, and then, when this pursuer cornered me...I took my defensive stance that I have learned and punched her. She fell down and I ran away. Very liberating to be able to face my fears in the dreamworld and defend myself...so long as it doesn't affect me...in waking life! I woke up with a sore nose...feeling like I had been punched!!! Did I punch myself? Owe...owe...owe....darned it!

OOOOoh save me! Save me from the poopy-baby-butt-whiners (As Jim Carry said in Bruce Almighty) that are whining at me....about the stupidest damned, god forsaken, childish things!! Are you an adult...or a whining poopy butt child? This, is why I had stopped hosting swaps before. Because there is always ONE (or more) who makes a mountain out of NOTHING!! The person bitching at me is the same one that earlier asked me to demand people edit thier posts because she is on dial up...now, I am being bitched at because her partner didn't LOOKED like, and didn't WRITE like she absolutley loved what she got in the swap! Then I get this email complaining about those things and then she has the nerve to try and tell me how to run the group/swap and how I should not have said I didn't see a problem...to her partner....who posted to the group....ABOUT the issues....that they apparently are somehow working out behind the scenes...because I really don't see a problem other than the child-like whining! HEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeelloooooooo! Really seems to me like a mountain out of another mole hill!

I need...a punching bag... *buh-buh-buh....baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayah!* Bash-boom-bang-kick-thrash-trash!

The BF told me this morning to be ready to leave when he gets home from work tonight....OOOOo me so curious! Why? I ask. It's a surprise...he says. EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee! I got him a rose and a card that said "Coffee and You..." on the inside "Two things I cannot live without." And it's so true! I love me coffee, always have! Mom let me drink Sanka coffee when I a teenager (because it was decaf). I have always loved the taste of coffee.

Until next time...

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