OOOO softy-lofty-yarny-p0rny-goodness(y?)

Okay I could not wait to try out the new skien winder so I started to spin up the HUGE ball of combed fiber I had been prepin here and there through-out the last week. The picture of the wound ball of fine shetland singles I had to sharpen up a bit to get more detail to show. Camera does not like blues, purples, and bright whites. This is a HUGE ball of singles and I stil have half of it to ply up because the bobbin was filled on HALF of the singles!

You can see the winder in use and it is tall enough that I can wind directly off the Kiwi with little to no assistance from me. NICE! We were watching a PBS special on the Blue Man Group. See them on the tellie (along with the cluttered mess? Can't help it. Two people living in a small apartment with all thier junk stuffed into every nook and cranny...a couples life). The yarn I got from these singles is luciously soft and lofty and oOOOOooo so yarn p0rny goodnessy! It is much easier to tie a figure right tie on the floor winder because it is about my hieght and I can easily turn it to tie the other sides. I cannot wait to dye it! I am thinking turquoise with a touch of royal blue and lilac purple...OOOOooo.

Until next time...

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