Silk Wrist Warmers, Bottle Swap

Thanks again to my SMAT pal who sent me some of the most wonderful hand spun silk yarn I have ever felt! They just screamed to be made into wrist warmers...something I had never before considered making. They is soft and warm, like socks for the hands! I made these with the help of wrist warmer generator. I know! A generator for these? YES! Found here.

I sent off my bottle to my bottle swap person. This was definitely interesting to stuff and plop into a mailbox!! I included some coffee sample packs because her profile said she likes coffee, some of my own roving (blended on those wonderful combs!), two skeins of merino sock yarn, and a Lilac candle tin because she is a lilac lover like I am! I could never have enough sweet smellin lilac candles! Speaking of the combs, someone left a comment on one of my instructional videos that they were not working for them. Uhhh, okay. Not that that tells me much more than the person didn't listen very well to the videos, but how do hand combs "not work"?? Sounds like operator error to me! If you are having a problem, and you are reading this...leave me a bit more detail than that because although I do consider myself a pagan, I cannot read your mind. How are they not working for you? What are you doing/not doing?

As for the new move...I think I may just stay on blogger as wordpad takes sooooooooooooo long to load! Cripes. I am not paying for a slow loading server!! Blogger is faster, easier, simpler....and FREE!

Until next time...


  1. How on earth did you stuff those things into the bottle?????

  2. Your wrist warmers look great!

    Knitting News Cast

  3. Spinayarn99, Doesn't it look neato!? You cut an X in the side of the bottle and stuff it through that, then table the mailing label on top of the cuts. I am awaiting to hear how my swappee liked it all as it was delivered on Monday (says Delivery Comformation).

    Thanks Rhonda! They are really warm and kept my fingers warm at the knitting guild meeting I went to Monday. The place they meet is always a little chilly because of all the windows. No sore joints in my fingers anymore! No I need something to save me from the pain in my left elbow and my right knee!

  4. OOPS! Typo! I ment to say tape, not table, the label over the cuts.


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