Exercise = No hunger....HUMmmmm...

It's an interesting notion. I exercised this morning (practicing my wheel kick and defensive front kicks) and when I was done...I was not hungry anymore. I remember reading somewhere that when you exercise you arn't hungry. By golly...it was right!
So when I feel like I am being a total chow hound...I should just exercise. What a way to get the mind off the food!!!

In other news...

I slept well last night. I think mostly because I was just totally exhausted from not sleeping well the past week. This is good because I am sooooooooo nervous about promotion night tonight. *chewing on finger nails* My instructor says we shouldn't worry about it because we've already taken the tests...and that was to come to class twice a week and work up a sweat. Oye...tell me about it. This is our chance to show off what we have learned and fly up a belt color. Excited and nevious...not a good combination (HUuuuuuuuuuuurl!!!)

I noticed that the BF bought 100% TP when he went grocery shoppin last night. Huh...coolness!!

I've got two more panels to do on that afgahn I am working on for Mum. I need a size N crochet hook to crochet the pieces together with. I though I might have it but when I looked....NOPE!

Until next time...

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