Favorite yarn-fugly yarn...spuckly even...

I gotta say, my most favorite yarn, that I have ever had the pleasure to touch, has been merino blended with silk (or any other soft wool blended with silk)...Oh. My. Goddess. Softness with a sparkle that is TO DIE FOR! That is where I got my inspiration for the alpaca and silk yarn I have been spinning and knitting into a Wing of the Moth shawl. Of which...with less than 10 rows to go...I have put aside for now. You say "Only 10 to go!? GO!-GO!-GO! KNIT LIKE THE WIND!" but then I say "It takes an hour a row to do now because of the sheer SIZE of the shawl now. WHEW...heavy and warm...with spring in full swing it gets hot under that thing!!" Okay...did I just do one hell of a nifty rhyme?! LMAO!! YEeeeeeeeaaaaaahhh!! Call me Shakespear-ella!! ;-P

I would have blended the silk with the alpaca if I had had the means to do so. Instead I just plied them together.

Here is some shown at this here link of which the purple and blue are GORGI-OUS! There is another nice picture of some silk wool blended yarn here too! OMG look at that! DROooooooool!!! *pat-pat-pat* Drool and electronics DO NOT MIX. ZZZZZzzzzzap!

My least favorite has to be Mohair...I found out the hard way that mohair and I do not get along. AS I was cleaning a raw adult mohair fleece (which turned out to be course as hell!!), I broke out in hives where my arms came in contact. Nice sheen, but a pain in the arms (HA!) to clean up and card! Even kid mohair is ruff to me. Blah. Besides that, I can get the same sort of sheen out of lincoln longhair...even alpaca for a lot less mo-nay! SPUCK!

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