daffodils, robins, blue, green, sky, sun, daylight, rabbits, squirrels, grass, dew, breezy, blooming, depths, rebirth, joy, barefoot Spring
WOooo hooo!!

The *robins are back-the robins are back!

The bright *blue cloudless *sky

is filled with signs and sounds of *rebirth!

*Daylight gets longer every day,

the *squirrels are out and playing,

the *rabbits are out frolicking like children,

while the *daffodils stretch from the dormant *depths

upwards to greet the *sun with the first signs of *green!

What a beautiful *rebirth!

Soon they will be covered in *dew

as the first*blooming plants make their daybue.

Don't wait on me!

I'll be frolicking about in the grass,

on a wonderfully breezy, warm, spring day.

*Barefoot and carefree,

the sunlight warms my soul,

fills me with *joy of warmer daysas my energy soars!

I am loved by the sun, in spring!

Goodbye winter!

Goodbye hibernation!

Goodbye to cloudy and dreary days!

Goodbye snow!

Goodbye cold!

Till the time arrives again
I am freed from thebindings that winter had on meand I am a child again-
happy, active, and carefree!
I love spring, and spring loves me.


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