Goodwill Treasure Finds!!! And a little complaining...as usual

OMG look at what I found at Goodwill today!! I was able to make it to the east side store right after they opened and before the retiree's came through (antique hunters). I found EIGHT 50 gram skiens of some italian yarn in a beautiful hunter green priced at...brace yourself...$.69 each!!!!!! *SQUEELS* OH MY GOD(dess)!!! It is soft and shiney made from Bomull, Lin, and Akryl of which I have no idea what those are but the yarn is soft and shiney, plus I really can't complain at $.69 a skien!!

Then I found TWO Aquascene 2 tanks, one with a light, and the other without a light but with a lot of goodies. I got two new air pumps to boot-one with each. One I made into Skye's new home, and the other I am gonna set up for a betta for a friend for her birthday. She has been saying she's been wanting another one...so here I go to set it up for her! This tank is much bigger than what Skye was in...and I don't think he really knows what to do with all the space he has now!! LMAO!

Now for the complaining....

Must be nice to be rich. Argh! I saw today that the Woolee winder has gone up to $185!!! There is NO WAY I would pay that much for that little bit of equipment that may or may not work correctly. *faint* I had been wanting one, but even at the old price of $150 I was hesitant to purchase it. Sheez. I can do without it. I just need a jumbo kit for the kiwi...or a bigger wheel which I am seriously considering. That thunkita noise coming from the Kiwi is driving me up the wall!!

To end on a positive note...kinda...

I bought myself 4.5 pounds of raw white alpaca blanket fleece. What new years resolution?? LMAO!!! I cannot wait to get my hands in that! I won it from an Ebay auction so I paid a lot less than I would normally would have for so much fiber. NICE!!

Okay I have to get off this thing and practice my karate for tomorrows promotion!! I am trying my darndest to convience the BF to come with me so he can shoot some digital video of the session so that I can send it to Mum so she can see what I am learning. But I dunno if he will or not. I have to push and fight with him to do anything with me and I am really sick and tired of doing that. He really hasn't been too supportive of me lately...and I'm a tad paterved. Now I cannot sleep because he figgits all flippin night long! ARGH!!! I haven't slept well all week because of it! Sleeper sofa...here I come! He won't see a doctor about anything, even though he has health insurance. Now one side of his face is swollen because of a tooth absest ( he doesn't brush his teeth and his teeth look nasty-very nasty...and then he wonders why I won't french it with him....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwaaaah!!!!!!!).

MEN!!! *pulls hair out*

Until next time...


  1. You make me want to go check out my local thrift shop!

  2. What a wonderful find at the thrift shop! Yesterday I noticed at my local Dollar Store that they had a bin of Lion Suede for a buck a skein... I plan on going back there at lunch today (keeping fingers crossed) and hopefully will buy out the remainder of the bin today.

    I'll use some on my ripple along afghan, set aside enough for an all lion suede 'ghan for myself, and any left over can be used for scarves to be put in gift bags I do for the local women's shelter for Christmas!

    Speaking of thrift shops... I'm trying to get an idea going on fiber blogs... stay tuned!!

  3. cotton, linen and acrylic

  4. cotton, linen and acrylic aye?! What a soft combination! Thanks for letting me know what those where in english!!
    I love the thrift shops...always something there I want to buy!

    OOO Lion suede! Nice stuff! There is a shawl pattern on the Berucco (SP?) website for a suede, garter stitch, shawl with fringe. I think they add the fringe to trick you into buying more yarn. Sneaky little shits...but it looks nice!


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