Looking for a bag pattern...

My bike needs a pouch to carry junk in. I was thinking a stiff, felted saddle bag with a button on and off handle. I haven't found too much that I like, although I really like the raffia bag at knitty. It looks like a basket which would be awesome! Except...where to get raffia to knit with?! *scratching head*

I like the saddle bag idea because then I could take the bag off the bike and carry it with me if I need too and hooking it to the front of the bike keeps it out of my knees way of peddeling. Anyone got any pattern links for me to check out?

I biked down to the LYS to knit for a while. I went the back way as it is down hill all the way and through the back path of the Leapold Nature Center where bikes are allowed on the dirt paths. I did have to get off and walk the bike as I lost the momentum but that is okay. Slow down to enjoy the day and the nature. Lots of geese and other water foul were camping out.s

Until next time...

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