A bike!-A Bike! I gotta new bike!!

When you wish for abundance...it comes!

I bought myself a brand spankin new bike from Erik's Bike shop where they guarantee the price is the lowest in town. I am not sure what brand it is but it is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

I had to get a helmet too but that is okay. With the way people drive in this town I'll need it!!

I went around the neighborhood twice and I was whipped out! We live in an area with lots of hills so going down them is a load of fun...but coming back home is not so fun...whew!! It's so nice to have a bike for my body type. Pat at the Erik's Bike Shop east side location was super helpful. I was so bashful about trying it out, but he said he would just need my liscense and CC/Debit card to hold while I am out testing it out. I miss having a bike I can enjoy. The walfart bike is trash for me because the seat will not go down as far as I need and then the handle bars will not go up as far as I need. Damned spare tire is always in the way...but I can sit up streight and not bother with it on this bike. I had an inkling to go to that spacific store, and when he showed me this bike I had a very good feeling about it. I have a foot pump somewhere...I just gotta find it! So now I need to tote the old walfart bike to the RCGI motherhouse to donate to them. Maybe I can get some credit from it towards my theology course.

I consider this my Bday present to myself because no one else would buy it for me. I gotta do something for me once in a while yeah know. This will help with my wieght loss too. Come spring break I will be on this thing everyday to get my coffee! I just need to get a lock as the bike lock is being used to keep the storage space locked up as I haven't needed to use it till now. I'll run and get a lock later. Right now it is lunch time! Beer brauts and beer! Boy am I famished!!!

Until next time...


  1. Use it in continued good health!!

  2. Amen Sista!! LOL It's a present for abundance in health and well-being!!

  3. I like how you address the insults you receive (or have received) on YouTube. In my life I have been the butt of similar jokes or insults, and it's like, "Gee, can't you come up with anything more original? AS IF I don't know I have a problem?"

    Some folks are only happiest when they are cutting other folks down for no valid reason.


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