Went biking to the library and then some...

Whew! Am I tired!

I bike around 3 1/2 miles this afternoon going to the library to return a majorly overdue book and to drop in on the BF doing laundry at the Mart down the street (where the W icon is). This is part of the "scenic" bike route in Monona. Not very scenic to me...just a bunch of flippin houses that are blocking the view of the lake!! I guess the number balloons are mile counters. You can track your biking/running/walking too at http://www.mapmyrun.com/ .

I did register my back for a "license" just in case it gets stolen or something bad like that. Crossing fingers. Now I need to look into bike insurance...yes there is such a thing.

Right now I am dying some lincoln longwool to spin up into worsted yarn to knit a saddle back with and eventually felt it. I am dying the wool then spinnin it for once. I want some color on the wheel! I am doing turquoise, lilac purple, and a bit of golden yellow splahed in between color changes. Why? It's pretty. Yemaya strikes again!

Until next time...

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