Bad Ashford! BAD!

I emailed Ashford over on 3.29.07 about that thunking sound eminating from my Kiwi and asked if they knew how I could repair it. I was told back then that I would be contacted the next week because everyone was busy doing invitory for tax season. Well here it is, April 28th, a month later and no respose or help offered what-so-ever.
Better yet...here are copies of those emails:

----- Original Message -----

From: Reception
To: C4G
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 7:32 PM
Subject: RE: Thunkida-thunkida....Kiwi thunks...

Dear ,

Thank you for your email.

I did send off the free magazine to you, so I am sorry it hasn't reached you. As for your other queries, I will look into them and get back to you next week. The reason I say next week is because we are stocktaking and the people I need to question are all flat out!!

I will be in touch next week.

Many thanks

Jane Stevenson

Customer Services

Ashford Handicrafts Ltd


New Zealand

Ph. +64 3 308 9087

Fax +64 3 308 8664

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website http://www2.blogger.com/

From: C4G [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, 30 March 2007 11:31 a.m.
To: Reception
Subject: Thunkida-thunkida....Kiwi thunks...

I bought my Kiwi from the woolery.com (USA) just under a year or so ago ( I did send in my registration card to Ashford under *name ommited*...BTW I never did get that free issue of The Wheel that was offered on that card...) and it has just started to make a thunkida-thunkida sound. I use it a lot, and it gets oiled monthly...more when it is used more.

From what I can tell...it is the first treddle rod and it seems to be knocking around quite a bit against the metal rod (the treddle rod in the back, closest to the main stem). I dunno what to call all these parts as the assembly guide is purely graphic!!

I've tried moving the peddles up on the plastic tube thingies to increase the tension so the rod does not thunkida, but it still happens and it is driving me mad! Any suggestions?

I saw a glimpse of spring...then it morphed into summer!;


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Well I guess "next week" never came over there.
SOooooooo, my next wheel WILL NOT BE AN ASHFORD because of this. Too bad, so sad. I am definately getting a Louet S10 when I can. I am very dissapointed with Ashford customer assistance and will take my hard earned money elsewhere.

Not only that, but a year ago when I sent in the registration card, there was a box on there to recieve a free issue of "The Wheel" publication. I have STILL not recieved that even though I have been told the three times I have inquired about it, that they would send me one. Obviously that registration card has not done me a bit of good. Thanks so much for nothing, Ashford.

Until next time...


  1. I started out with a "Joy",, 2nd wheel is a Lendrum and the best wheel I could have ever gotten. I love it! Ever try one? For the money on a complete package,, best money ever spent!

  2. Lendrum are too rich for me and I don't like how the wheel leans in like it does on their cheaper model. I think I have tried it once, didn't like it for some reason. I tried the Louet s10 over at Susans Fiber Shop and I love how quite and smooth it is! I only wish it didn't have hooks on the flyer because yarn tends to get caught on the hooks that the Kiwi has. I like the brand that has that single squeeze and move yarn guide-whomever they be.

  3. Well if you can swing it, thats what Woolee Winders are for! Worth it. worth it worth it!


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