I found a yarn meter!

Or rather, a fishing line meter. Seems that the Nancy's Knitknacks uses the same brand of fishing line meters made by Shakespeare fishin products. Get ready for this...brace yourself...

Nancy's yarn meter (wood and all) is $50

I paid $14 for the meter alone (that measures in feet instead of yards) that can be clipped securly to just about ANYTHING. I'm wondering why the Nancy product is so darned much money! Being the crafty person I am, I could construct something similar for just a couple bucks! But, I am more ambitious than that. I want to be able to meter the yarn as I wind it onto my skein winder. From what I am thinkin, I think I need to add a dowel through the main stem, and then attach another dowel to it at a right angle so that the meter is in line with the yarn being wound onto the winder.

I tested the meter out and it turns out that I have 100 yards of my silk and alpaca yarn left from the wing of the moth shawl. Hummm...what can I knit out of that?

HUmmm, so if I put a screw through the dowl and just have it bolted to the main stem, then I could loosen it to fold down when not in use. I think I have the materials I need for this. If not, it's gonna be a fantastic day to bike down to Menards.

Until next time...

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  1. Hi Rexanne,,,,yeah I found that counter too on sale at Cabelas, and debating on getting it. About the ugly batts, that was on my old old blog. On the one I am working on,,, latest post you can see the ugly batt in action. I bought one that I gave to a brand spanking new spinner friend of mine. Its a cheap way to get some satisfaction without worrying about ruining the fiber. Mine is coming out pretty funky, and I'm already thinking of using this fiber for making bags only. Felted the color combo's look like they would be awesome!


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