Doctor's Visit: GOOD NEWS!!!-farm visit, karate, Goodwill finds

Good news! My high blood pressure is under control-and without the use of drugs! YIPPIE!! My highest they have recorded had been 150 over 190...really high. This time I was 138 (I think...can't remember exactly) over 150 and I lost 2 more pounds!! KICK ASS...literally! I had the IUD removed as well while I was there but I am still spotting...damned it. I hope that this acne I have developed on my back will go away now and so will the severe cramps and spotting I get after intercourse. Doesn't make it all that fun when you have pain after such a wonderful thing...Humph!

According to the doc...I am perfectly healthy! She was concerned about the joint pain I am experiencing and wants me to see a regular doc (this was a gynecologist visit) about it. I guess. It is something I can just deal with. What are they gonna tell me? Loose wieght. Then I say, I'm workin on it. All that for how much money??? *face-palm* I can get federal assistance for the gynecologist because the state is concerned about the health of woman in that area...but when it comes to getting help for regular health care...forget it! What a screwed up place we live in.

I visited Windridge farm yesterday to see Lotti, the sheep I adopted. Her fleece has a fine and tight crimp to it. I cannot wait till I get it! I didn't get any pictures of her because all the sheep were weary of me. Stranger! Stranger! They all baaaed. She had goats too that were super friendly and loved to be petted like they were dogs or something! CUTENESS! One had a kid that was so bouncy...and what was his name? Grasshopper. LMAO! Because he is always hopping about full of energy!! Momma was always calling him and he would never come or return the calls. Little brat! LOL The sheep loved us like we were best friends after the lady got a bucket of grain out. *face-palm* I got to get friendly with a week old lamb...HOW CUTE!

Since I had to pick the BF from work at 3 yesterday I got back into town around 1:30 so I went to Archivers on the far west side in Middleton. I found a bunch of nice papers and stickers on half off-backgrounds for future karate pages I told myself. Then I went for some lunch at Macaroni Grill and got some ooOOOooo so delicious Chicken Cesar Calazone made with pizza crust...MMMMm OMG!!! It was soooooooooooo good!! It was $7 but they gave me a frickin plate full of it so I had plenty to share with the BF and for dinner later on. After getting up at 4AM yesterday morning, when I finally got home, I crashed. I took a nap and I slept sooooooo hard! Then I had to get up to get to Karate class...oye...not fun. I did get there and I was full of energy after warmed up. We did some different things, and it was really fun! We also learned the front round kick of which I need to practice on today.

This morning I went to the Goodwill on the east side and found more goodies! I found what looked like to be a brand spankin new dehydrater by Magic Cheif for 5.99, and a small coffee press for 3.99, and a latex kinda thang to bake muffins in for 1.49. I gotta stop going there! I always spend money!!

I am testing the dehydrater out today by drying out some organic apples I bought over a week ago now. They are starting to get soft so I want to dry them before they spoil. I love apple chips! I really love the store bought apple chips but they are really fatty. I want some banana's next so I can made banana chips!!

Until next time...

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