SWAG!!! Booty!! Goodies!

I got a package of swag today in the mail!!! A frequent reader of my blog offered me her cardweaving supplies that she no longer needed and of course I am always up for crafting freebies! I got those two items and a bunch of other nice surprises!! CHOCOLATES.....MMMMmm, Dove Sugar Free Rasperry cream choclates...MMMMmmmm. I'da never thought that sugar free could taste so fine!! OOOOo....orgasim in my mouth!!
She also sent some asian themed fabric that I could line my handle bar bag with when it is finished as a reminder to keep at it and get heathly! WONDERFUL!
Lets not forget that cute crocheted sunny-sunflowery scrubby!! It will be put to good use!
Maven I love it all so much! Warm fuzzies go out to you!

I found this animated gif from the Matrix. He is doing Ju-jit-ju...yeah I can spell that...but anyway...way cool!

Until next time...


  1. I like your blog and tubes so much !

  2. Glad you enjoyed and can put to good use everything:)

  3. Thanks Dentelles!

    OOOo I am still enjoying it...MMMmm chocolate...MMMMMMmmm


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