More felting of "The Bag"-Snow Picture

I ran the bag through another wash cycle, this time using dawn dish soap instead of detergent. The bag felted more and is now more of the size I was shooting for when I did all that aweful math a couple of weeks ago. I bought some jumper clasps for the front flap and extra "jean" buttons so I can adjust the closure is I need to. I have knitted and felted the inner pockets I wanted and the handle bar straps that will hold it onto the bike. The BF stuck it on my head and became a shutter bug again. LMAO! I really don't mind having my picture taken. Always time for a bit of goofing off!! I drink a lot of coffee...can you tell?! LMAO! I like my coffee!!!

And the day would not be complete without a picture from the snow storm we had. This was mid-day Wednesday. It was very pretty out as the snow was sticking to everything. Streets with a lot of trees looked like veiled pathways. SOoooooooo pretty! The pictures do not do the absolute beauty of it justice....even if it is supposed to be spring here!

I have been looking into purchasing a bike "computer" to keep track of the milage I will be biking. I tried to purchase from buildurbike on ebay after asking about his return policies but the basterd blocked me from purchasing anything!! WTF? I ask the seller a question because I am a weary and cautious buyer, not because I want to stir up some shit.I answered my email and he sounded like a good seller. Wierd. I asked this person if they wanted my sale or not because if they don't then I am just gonna go pay the extra $20 and purchase the same cateye wireless "computer" from the local shops here in town! Cripes. Wierdo.

Until next time...

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