I just am so sleepy and zapped of energy today, and I think it may be those new Omega plus eggs I have been eating that is not agreeing with me. I had some yesterday, the day before and today and each day I have them it seems I end up with an upset stomach and oodles of cha-cha-cha...and we will leave that description at that! Most peeps will know what I am referring to.

I think I am gonna have to either throw them out or use them in baking only. BLAH...what a waste of money. I don't have any energy to practice my karate...I tried, but I just don't have the UMPH I need to get a good workout/practice. *sigh*

Either that or one of the children who was sick recently this week has so generously passed his sickly-germies onto me. Why do parents send their childrens to school sick so they can spread the germy wealth?! Come on people! That's a rant worthy to go up on the ranting blog. The schools encourage parents to keep children home, but with these handicapped ones, school is like free daycare so off they go regardless! GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr....

My Merlin Bird is being ooberly, annoyingly, noisy and she has done nothing but drive me batty with her constant whistling. UGH...maybe this is PMS I dunno...I haven't had to deal with a normal cycle for 4 years and I know it has to be close to that time happening soon. It's been over a month since I had that IUD removed. But then my cycle has never run on a regular scheduel.

I hope it does not rain all day tomorrow. They predict showers but hopefully not all day otherwsie I am gonna be one bored lady!

I put an ad up on the Housecleaning pages for spinning supplies asking for a used Louet S10 and how much I am willing to pay, MAX, plus shipping. Someone emailed me and offered me one in good condition for one-forty! WOW, how affordable is that!? It only has one bobbin, but I know where I can get more of those locally. She is in Illinois, but mentioned that we could meet somewhere in Wisconsin to exchange cash for wheel. SWEeeEEET! See? My spells/chants work!

Gosh I am so tired. I woke up this morning well before my alarm was to go off and I could not sleep any longer so I got up. Maybe that was a mistake!!

Then on a metro route I did this morning, the lift on the van I drive decided to give me grief and I had to work it manually (OYE!) and then I had to pick up a second wheel chair in addition the the guy in one I already had on the van...and when I went to fold up the back seat so I could fit two people in wheel chairs into the van...the damned seat would not go up! OH! *faint* Major equipment failure this morning! So I had to call base and have them send someone else out to get this person who was only goin a few blocks down the road.

TGFI INDEED! I cannot wait till after work today when I can crash and burn!! *faint*

Until next time...


  1. I may be able to trade some Louet S-10 bobbins for you, if she doesn't have a Woolie Winder. I have some around...somewhere.

  2. OOOo sweetness! I will let you know. I am not sure if the person offering is willing to pack and ship it. She said I could meet her in Rockford IL but with as much as gas is, I will spend twice as much in gas to get there and back as I would paying for her to just ship it. Shipping it would save me some money AND produce less wear and tare on the truck. Thanks for the offer Fiber Fanatic! What would you like to trade for in the even I do get the Louet?


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