Mail Call! New roving!

OOOOooo luscious fiber goodness! Fiber p0rn ahead!! The blues with a touch of black cherry is called Aquaberry because the seller says "Reminds me of what the ocean might look like if it collided with a mass of berries." It is 21-24 micron Merino. I fell in love with it and bought that one at Poppy Flower Fibers on etsy. She has reasonable prices and reasonable shipping as well! Double positive!!

The next one that is most red with touches of lilac purple is called Drunken Sunset which I have purchased from Insubordiknit on Esty : "Hand-painted fiber and hand-spun yarns/kits from humane sources! Happy sheep make happy people!" This one is of "domestic wool" but is said to be next to skin soft. I love the colors! She had two 4+ oz braids and I bought both of them. I am totally hoarding this one!!! Also reasonable prices with reasonable shipping.

The last one is a color combination I will try to dye on my own called Super Freak (from Poppy Flower Fibers). This was bought some time ago but pictures of what people bought are shown alongside their feedback. ALl of these skiens add to my dyeing ideas. I have never dyed roving, although I could just dye batches of washed wool in the color combinations I like and then spin them all together.

Until next time...

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