Polyphemus Hunting, Wiccans Win!

I spent most of my weekend walking around wooded places in hunt for the elusive polymephyus moth in either cocoon, egg, or catapillar stage. Nothing. So I opted to buy some from a man who raises them in canada instead since the Catherders group has started to require people to have permits. Why I need a permit to raise a native moth in my own home is beyond me and not something I am willing to do. By getting a permit you are allowing them (govrn officials) to drop by and visit your home on a random basis. Absolutlely not! I am not in agreement with that. Especially not with raising native wild silkmoths for crying out loud. It's just rediculous. Sellers do not require the buyers to have permits, so why would freebies need one? I'm left scratching my head.

I did find a couple catapillars that I brought home. One spun a cocoon, and the other one is close to the spinning stage. I found some Monarch eggs on some milkweeds this afternoon. They should hatch in just a couple days if not sooner.

The BF made some wicked Sangeria that tastes like koolaid but has that last minute kick-you-off-your-ass affect. WEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee....

I heard on the news that those fighting to get the pentacle on their soilder husbands headstones has finally been won. And Selena Fox put the whole situation into context. When you have to fight with the government and it's various officials to get a symbol on a headstone, and fight for the freedoms that should already be granted under the constitution by Freedom of Religion/Press/Expression...something is wrong!! What are these soilders fighting for if our simpliest constitutional rights are being violated in our own lands!? Not only that but the imigrants and illigals are living a better life here than the natives are, immigrant checks and all. History repeating itself again.

I babble as I sip on my night cap of Spiced Rum. YUM!

Until next time...

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