Blah...Midnight Spinnin's

I am still dealing with this head cold. I seem to be sapped of most of my energy today but my sinuses are draining so this should pass in another couple of days. I stay up mos to the night filling up the bobbin of my louet with this HUGE ball of singles. The fifty-cent peice in the middle is a good reference to size. I wasn't tired at all last night until I took some night-time meds at around 1AM and it's not like I am gonna sleep well with this head cold.

It has taken me over a week to fill it to overflowing with this fibery goodness. It has all been blended with some sparkly glitz on the drum carder. Now it will take me a couple of days a least to navajo ply this up into some scrumptious yarn p0rn.

I told Karen at Off the Beaten Path that I would come in today to knit because she asked if I was gonna. But I had no idea I would end up with this nasty cold due to my incident with the inhaler. *blah* So I guess I will go over and drink some coffee and start on a new pair of socks. I got that incling to start sock knitting. I only have two pairs of wool socks and they kept my feet nice and warm last winter even though I wore them more than once or twice. So now I am on a mission to get three more pairs done *at least* so that I will have enough to wear one pair per day instead of one pair per several days. EW!! They could have stood on thier own after a week....yuck. Not good for ones footsies.

Until next time...

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