*cough-Hack-cough* Waiting for Fiber Fling to begin...

Okay, I have to stay home tonight from karate. I am still weak in the knees with this cold and I am sure no one would appriciate me hacking through pratice. I am waiting for the Fliber Fling swap assignments to go out...hopefully I will not get a rip-off, crazy-person in this one. Sign ups closed Friday, and they said it would take a few days to get them out. So I wait.

I have two sponsors for my blogathon! YAY! One being the LYS down the street! I made some flyers that I am gonna hand out to the local businesses around here and see if I can rummage up some more support. I don't think I will get around to it today because I feel so tired. I'll do it Tuesday.

I got all those singles plied up navajo style, and I set all the yarn (46 yards worth) in the sink with hot water and plenty of soap. I plan to partially full the yarn to even it out and soften it up a bit. I really hate navajo plying. I always get coils where the yarn is pulled through the loop. I hate that!

Until next time...

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