Working on a Drum Carder Part 3

Finally! Part 3 is up, part 4 is comin soon!


  1. You Evil Woman you! While I was happy enough with sending out my fibres to get processed and dabbling with my hand combs, you're carding videos just went over the top. I started lusting over drum carders. Now I'm actually seriously looking at which one to purchase, instead of getting a new wheel.

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  3. w00t! It's my birthday and I arrived to a new carding video!! I'm so excited!

    Those colors are just gorgeous!

  4. LOL!! I have been accused of being an "Enabler"!! You will absolutely LOVE having a drum carder once you get it! I have not regretted the purchase yet!

  5. I think I've got it narrowed down to either a Pat Green or Strauch. Any opinions either way for these? Looking for a machine to process medium to mainly finer fleeces.

  6. The biggest difference between the two is that the Strauch is factory made, while the Pat Greens are made one by one, by hand, by Pat Green and his family in Canada. Pat Greens are vary popular and if you are a collector, getting one of those might prove fruitful later on in life as the Greens may not be made for much longer because of the Green's old age (This is what I hear from the local Fiber shop owner). I HIGHLY suggest, if at all possible, that you TRY BEFORE YOU BUY any major peice of equipment like this. I had my eyes on a Strauch too, but my LFS only had the Pat Greens. The Deb Deluxe cards all range of fibers pretty well other than the super short stables like Yak and Cotton. Although it can be done, it is a PAIN in the arse from my experience. If you get the Pat Green, be sure to get the Burnishing tool. It costs extra but is well worth it as it "polishes" and packs down the batts which makes it much easier to remove from the drum, and to spin IMHO. I love my Deb Deluxe!

  7. Thanks bunches!
    There are no suppliers in my area. I have to either travel for hours or mail order. Thus opinions count alot for me. I don't even know anyone with a drum carder well enough to go and play with theirs.
    I appreciate your advice. I was curious about the Deb Deluxe and what they call their Fur Drum. I haven't had the time to call them as hubby blew out his shoulder a few days ago and its totally thrown off my free time and schedule.


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