Blogathong Post #21 Founding a Prayer Shawl group?

I have been pondering starting a Prayer Shawl group in my area...but I am not sure how many people would really be interested. Considering my past experiences with the pagan "community" I am not sure there would be enough people dedicated enough for this project...considering how much they bicker among themselves over every stupid thing in a never ending power and intellectual struggles.

I ran into an old RCGI acquaintance and she has started her own ministry (pagan) called the Tigers Eye Temple. I looked at the website and it seems a lot like the ministry she left and said she was unhappy with. Some people are not satisfied unless they are running the show. Although they have a lot more "general interest" activities on a daily basis (Witchery Stitchery is a craft night, poetry night, coffee outings...just all out normal stuff). Which is cool and all. What I don't get is that they meet on SUNDAYS. Why Sundays? Is Sunday the day when everyone has the time to be spiritual among others? Well anyways, she said it is about solitaries coming together when they feel the need to connect with other solitaries and that I am welcome when I feed the need to connect to others myself. I told her about the fallout between "the one who I shall not name here for it would taint my blog with her shite" and she said she knew something had happened but not sure of what exactly. I was surprised because I expected "the one who I shall not name here for it would taint my blog with her shite" to blabber about it to everyone. Apparently not so. "The one who I shall not name here for it would taint my blog with her shite" dropped out from a so called "unity project" (the same project where there is a constant power struggle and intellect struggle between it's members...of which there are now 5 left of the about 100 that were paid members when *I* left it two years ago-and it is run now by the one I dispise the most...a PIG of a man who thinks everyone should bow at his feet. SMACKDOWN!) that she had been adamant about for a long time which surprised me. I basically started to want to do things I wanted to do and she threw a hissy fit and it pissed me the hell off. I basically decided I was not gonna kiss ass with her anymore just to have her friendship and I tell you what...life got better afterwards without having to always run around with her or for her. Good goddess the woman was all over the place and she wore me out. No more however. No more.

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