I had a dream last night that my old Geometry teacher, myself, the BF and one other lady were getting together for a seance. It was weird let me tell yeah. My Geometry teach only had three fingers one hand, birth defect, and his fingernails and hair roots were yellow from lack of some sort of mineral. Anyways, so we were calling to a spirit to manifest and I don't think I was holding anything but I cupped my hands and an image of a whale showed in my hands. I exclaimed "It's a Whale Spirit! The Spirit of the Whale!!" I was very excited, but the whale came to warn us of impending danger. Then someone knocked at the door of the BOAT HOUSE...yeah, we were on a river. But when I looked outside, something was not right. There was a dark brown cloud of something on the horizons and it rolled over the land as things burst out into flames. Then I had an overwhelming sense of danger and could not move to open the second door to the outside (patio). When the man with the child became distraught I forced myself to move towards the door but as I did this...a loud roaring noise and then dark red and brown dust and hot wind engulfed them as their screams were muffled by the noise of the cloud. I looked away...I couldn't watch. But then the wind started to suck me into the cloud of heat (ash) and sand so I struggled to grab onto the door frame and keep myself from being sucked out while I tried to pull myself in to close the door. Just before I closed the door, I looked back and most of the cloud had gone, but nothing but charred ashes remained of the patio furniture and the man with the child was gone. I slammed the door shut, locking it tight.

I rain back to the room I had come from and I told the others what I had seen. We headed for the upper deck to get a better look. The land was devastated! A charred wasteland that smoldered! Then a rush of mud came down the river and swept us off from the dock and we went for a ruff ride on mud torrents.

I don't remember much after that, but that is disturbing. I looked up Whale in my book of spirit guides and Whale embodies the deep and ancient mysteries of the ocean and we also tap into her medicine to help us explore the mysteries of our own subconscious minds. Whale is invoked for power, wisdom and the ability to sing your own song and express your own individuality.

I am taking this as forewarning. Something is gonna happen this weekend of the WTI intensive and I will need the wisdom of the powerful, ancient, and wise Whale. Great. Can't I just have a nice weekend?! Oye.

Until next time...

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