Jar Dyeing results, tarot baggie, Call me "Ms. Fix-it"!

Pictures!! We have my jar dyeing results drying in the sun *drool!!*, a tarot baggie knit out of the cotton/wool blend I made, a picture of the Velvet Purple Miniture Lilly that is blooming fantastically in my patio area, and the brown yarn is shetland and yack down blend which is superly soft!

Just call me Ms. Fix-it. I upgraded the tank components in the toilet to stop the slow leak because of old and warn seals. The toilet no longer leaks water! Hurray for saving water!! But something must have settled when I removed the tank to replace the seal under there because after I put it all back together, the toilet didn't want to flush right. The water would swirl but never go completely down like it is supposed to. So upon pondering and reading up on removing the whol damn toilet from the floor to clean the gate before the flap inthe floor, found a better way. We live in an apartment building so getting the water turned off is not an option. I have no problem doing the simplier repairs because the man that is supposed to do these things has shit for brains.

So I went to Menards (for the fourth time starting this project) and got a toilet auger and a super plunger. The auger got a whole lot of something stirred up and loose, and the super plunger must have forced it down the drain as the toilet flushes properly now. YAY! Go womyn power!! I really love how when I asked a Menards employee (much younger than myself even) if there was a tool to aid in removing the old flushing valve, he said "It is super simple to get off but there is no specialised tool for it." *eyebrow raised* There is no plumping tools to help me aye? As soon as he walked away, I went one isle down and found a shit load of plumping tools...and oversized "wrenches" for the very job I asked about. What is up with that shit? Don't tell me there is no specialized tool for it...there is a specialized tool for EVERYTHING!!! *snicker-snort* Did he think I would not find the tools or comprehend how to do the job, or that I was not capable of doing the job because I lack a penis between my legs? Typical male bullshit.

So I have also fixed the sagging chicken wire on the garden. I dunno why it was sagging but I added another peice of wood to the center to keep it up and support the center of the wire incase we get anymore hail this year. Last year the hail made a huge dent in the wire and it has sagged ever since. While I was outside with the electric staple gun, I also fixed the sagging fabric on the bottom of the patio above us. It's there for more privacy than anything, but it helps contain his mess of bird seed as well.

Today I am ficxing a cabinet door that needed new hinges. I need another set of hands for that one so I have to wait till the BF comes home from work to help me. One of these days I will look into fixing the damned leak in the kitchen shink drain. I drained a gallon of water out from the bucket under the sink. A gallon in three days...sheez!

Until next time...

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