HORRIBLE and frightening dream...

I had a horrible dream last night. I dreamed I was with one other woman, I think she played the role of my Mother in the dream although she looked compeltely different. Some men, bad-bad men, were trying to brake into the house...the house was more of a trailer-home than an actual house...and no matter how many times I tried, I could not get through to 911. The one time I got through they thought I was playing a prank and hung up on me. Oh the anxiety!
Unfortunately, these bad men made it into the house and they bound us up after a short chase and struggle....and...raped both of us repeatedly. OH GODDESS, what a horrible feeling it is to be raped in your dreams!! I have never been a rape victom, and I pray I never will, but my goddess the realism in this dream gives me chills. I asked, no pleaded, for them to let us go, but they said when they get what they want FROM THEM (the police? Parents? Father? WHO?!) then and only then would they let us go. But in the meantime, for each hour that passed that their demands were not met, we would be violated. 
What was this? Was someone in the building projecting a past experience that I happen to pick up on while dozing on flu meds? I experienced the violation in both the first and third person, as both myself and the man. *shiver* What a frightful dream I never wish to have again! Banish you I do! Never return to my mind again!!!
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