Exhasperated over knitpicks.com checkout

I am so mad at knitpicks! I cannot EVER login to check out and I always have to call my danged order in. I am sick and tired of having to call these people. I have told them over and over again that there is SOMETHING wrong with the checkout and that I have tried every trick in the book but for some reason when I go to checkout the login.asp page keeps RELOADING! OH! It's MADDENING!!!
They are always in a rush to get my order and my information when I call, one of many reasons why I HATE calling them. I like their option needles but this shit is flippin old already!!!

I went to the library and tried to check-out on three different public computers, went to a friends house to try on her computer, and it still does the same thing. I can login to change my account settings and information, but I cannot check out! MADDENING! When I called in my order, the lady said my information had not changed on thier end and of course they thing that is the reason for my troubles. Come on people! Why don't they take me seriously? Why would I make something like this up!? MADDENING! So we changed my information on THEIR end and I placed an order which was less painful than last time even though I have a frog in my throat. WHen I try to checkout now, it is letting me!! MADDENING! Even though I changed my email through my end...it did not take effect until THEY changed it on THEIR end. MADDENING!!!

Until the next rant...

Update: 7.27.07
Well apparently the problem was thier website customer database. When I changed my current email it was not changing it in the main database and so when I tried to log in, using my new email which I thought was changed, was not working because of the glitch. Although I did not get a chance to say this to the woman who took my order because she was very adament about telling me that the problem was as simple as using the wrong email to login. Well it was the problem, but obvious to me, there is much more to it than a simple mistake over what email to use when logging in. The system is not changing old information as it is changed by the customer. Cripes. Well so that is fixed for the time being...till the next time I try to order....*Marge Simpson groan*

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