Prayer Shawl progress, finished coin purse...

I am making progress on the shawl (more of a stole) for Caffinna . It is a basket weave/checker pattern that I am really enjoying! With each stitch in the three stitch repeat I chant "Maiden, Mother, Crone" Which means to me: Maiden of Light, Mother of Love, Crone of Wisdom. Near the middle most stitch (because it is an odd number of stitches) is my Infinite Healer Stone .
When I reach it I say a prayer of blessing that has come to me through meditation: "Powers that Be bless this shawl through me. May it provide comfort and warmth when it is sought in the coming healing months ahead for Caffinna." I wanted a prayer that was "non-denominational" as while our beliefs are similar they are not the same.

When I am knitting I light a candle (pictured right) that is surrounded by various healer stones including a larger piece of Infinite. Also in the circle of stones is a piece of Hematite to aid in the removal of outside negativity while I am knitting on the stole. The candle and stones sit on a mirror and the mirror sits on my wooden pentacle plaque and Yemaya's Goddess tarot card sits between them. She aids me in this work of healing and comfort.

Here are pictures of the coin purse I finished with the installed zipper. This was actually a swatch to see how a variegated batt of colored fiber would spin up . It came out into a wonderfully stripped fabric that also felted wonderfully. It sits in my witchy Geranium plant who is yet again for the third or fourth time this year sending up flower shoots!


  1. Love the prayer and the stone in your shawl!!

  2. Thanks Maven!! I wanted to keep it "non-denominational" because Caffinna follows a similar path, but not a "Goddess" path. Does that make sense?


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