I have a comment on that...

So I checked in with the blogathon.org website and I found out that we can still take sponsor donations for 48 hours AFTER the blogathon!!! It would have been nice to have known that BEFORE now! *face-palm*

They have a couple of "I survived Blogathon" buttons, one is in PNG format (Nothing supports that format other than that Adobe program...what is that called?) and the other was is overshadowed by a "and all I got was this lousy banner" comment. What the hell?! That totally overshadows what we did for charity with negativity! I will not have that on my blog. I am proud to have raised what I did and I have no negative feelings about it. That is really lame IMHO. How about "I survived blogathon and helped a charity grow stronger" or something MORE POSITIVE like that. Good grief. *shakes head in disbelief*

I like "I survived Blogathon, and lost my taste for coffee!" because I drank so much of it. HA!

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